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Project Merge: Overview

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HelpSmith includes a Project Merge tool (which you can access by clicking: File|Merge) that allows you to import Topics, Templates, Keywords, Variables, Styles, and other objects from another help project file.


Key Features of the Project Merge Tool

The Project Merge tool can be used for different purposes, such as:

Collaborative work on a help project.

Translation of a help project into a different language, and the possibility to synchronize a translated help project with the original help project.

Importing topics and templates from other help projects.

Importing styles from another help project.

Importing Keywords, Variables, Topic Statuses, and other objects.


The Project Merge Tool in HelpSmith


How to Use the Project Merge Tool

Importing Topics and Templates

Import Options

Collaborative Work on a Help Project

Translation of a Help Project

Project Synchronization

Importing Styles from Another Help Project

Using Statuses to Mark Imported Topics


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