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About Project Merge

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HelpSmith includes a Project Merge tool that allows you to import Topics, Templates, Keywords, Variables, and other objects from another help project file.


The Project Merge tool is useful for different purposes:


Collaborative Work on a Help Project

In a team working on a help project, each person can create his or her own help project that will contain a part of the entire project (for example, help topics on a specific subject, etc.). After all the parts in temporary projects are ready, the manager of the help project can merge them into a single master help project.


Note that the Project Merge tool allows you to select individual help topics and templates, and use different Merge Modes (Add, Update modes), which makes it possible to update the master help project by importing only the changes that could be made in a sub-project.


Internationalization of a Help Project

When you need to translate an existing help project into another language, you can create a copy of the original help project and send it to the person working on the translation. This will save the project structure, so the translator will only need to change the text, titles, screenshots, and other content that should be translated.


When you need to import new help topics, templates, or other new data into the project copy, which is maintained by the translator, you can also use the Project Merge since it allows you to import only selected objects and also to use different Merge Modes (Add, Update modes).


Re-use Topics and Templates

You can also use the Project Merge tool, when you need to import a topic or template contained in another help project.


How to Use Project Merge

For more details on using the Project Merge tool, please click here.


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