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Keywords associated with help topics build the Index of your help system. Like the Table of Contents (TOC), the alphabetical Index is an important tool providing the user with easy navigation through the help system.


The Keyword pane displays the keywords of the current help project under the "Keywords" node. If you do not see the Keyword pane, on the View tab, click Keywords.


Add a New Keyword

1.On the Project tab, in the Keywords group, click Add.

2.In the Keywords pane, enter a name for the new keyword.

3.Press Enter.


Remark: By default, a new keyword is added to the same level as the currently selected keyword. However, the Add button also allows you to add a new keyword as a child item to the selected keyword.


Delete a Keyword

1.In the Keyword pane, select the keyword that you want to delete.

2.On the Project tab, in the Keywords group, click Delete.


Rename a Keyword

1.In the Keyword pane, select the keyword that you want to rename.

2.On the Project tab, in the Keywords group, click Rename.

3.Enter a new name for the selected keyword.

4.Press Enter.


Change the Keyword Structure

As mentioned above, a keyword can have sub-keywords. If you need to move selected keywords from one parent keyword to another parent keyword, you can use the drag-and-drop method.


Associate Topics and Keywords

A keyword can be associated with any number of help topics.


To edit the association of one or more keywords with the currently opened help topic, you can simply check or unckeck the keywords in the Keywords pane.


Also, you can edit topic associations for an individual keyword, to do so:

1.In the Keywords pane, select the keyword you need.

2.On the Project tab, in the Keywords group, click Properties.

3.At the dialog box, check the topics that should be associated with the selected keyword.

4.Click OK.


Using a KLink Macro

The KLink macro looks up for the list of topics which are associated with a keyword. If the help system finds a single topic, that topic will be displayed immediately. In case more than one topic is found, the help system will suggest the user to select a topic to display.


To insert a hyperlink with a KLink macro:

1.In the word processor, put the cursor where you want to insert a hyperlink.

2.On the Insert tab, click Hyperlink.

3.At the dialog box, in the left sidebar, click Macro.

4.Enter text of the new hyperlink in the Text to display box.

5.In the Command box, select "KLink".

6.In the Keywords box, enter one of more keywords that the KLink macro will search for.

7.Click OK.

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