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Using Project Merge

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Import a Topic or Template from Another Help Project

1.On the File tab, click Merge.

2.Click Open Project.

3.In the Open Project dialog, find and select the help project file whose objects you want to import.

4.Click Open, and then follow the instructions of the Project Merge wizard.


Step 1. Select a Merge Mode for Topics and Templates

On the first step of the Project Merge wizard, you can select topics and templates of the opened help project and specify a Merge Mode individually for each of them.


To apply a specific Merge Mode to multiple items:

1.Select the topics and templates that you need.

2.On the toolbar, click Select Merge Mode.

3.In the popup menu, click the merge mode that you want to apply to the selected items.


How to select multiple topics:

If you need to select multiple items in the list, you can click on the items while holding down the Ctrl key.

You can use the Select Nodes command that allows you to select topics by a specific topic status (e.g. Complete, Marked, etc.), or select topics with the Context values that exist in the current (master) help project.


Importing topics and templates from another help project



Allows you to find topics and templates in the list by their title, Context, Id, or Status values.


Select Nodes

Allows you to select topics by a specific topic status, or by the Context values which exist in the current (master) help project. Similarly, this command allows you to select templates with the paths (names) that exist in the current (master) help project.


Expand/Collapse Nodes

Allows you to expand and collapse nodes that you need.


Select Merge Mode

Allows you to apply the Merge Mode that you need to multiple selected topics or templates.



Allows you to show or hide columns that you want to display in the topic tree.



Accepts the current settings and proceeds to the next step of the Project Merge wizard.



Discards the changes to the settings and closes the Project Merge wizard.



Step 2. Import Other Objects and Settings

On the second step of the Project Merge wizard, you can specify whether you want to import other objects and settings, such as:

Topic Statuses

Keywords (associated with imported topics)

A-Keywords (associated with imported topics)

User Variables

Help Windows


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