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A HelpSmith project file (.HSM) contains help topics, keyword index, templatesproject options, and other data needed to compile the final version of the documentation in a specific output help format such HTML Help (CHM), Web Help, Printed Manual, Adobe PDF document, MS Word document, or ePub eBook.


Create a New Help Project

1.On the File tab, click New.

2.In the dialog, specify the project's Title, and Language parameters.

3.If necessary, check the option Create default topic templates for this project to add templates for different output formats.

4.Click Create Project.


Creating a new help project


Save a Help Project

1.Click the File tab.

2.Click Save As.

3.In the dialog, select the destination folder for your help project, and enter the name of your project file (.HSM) in the File name box.

4.Click Save.


Remark: To save the changes that have been made to the current help project, click Save on the File tab, or press Ctrl+S.


Open a Help Project

1.Click the File tab, and then click Open.

2.In the dialog, select the folder that contains your help project.

3.Select the help project file (.HSM) that you need.

4.Click Open.


Remark: You can also find your help project in the list of recently opened files. To access it, on the File tab, click Recent.


Import Existing Help Files and Documents

If you have existing help files or documents created with other applications, you can import them into HelpSmith.


HelpSmith allows you to import Microsoft Word documents, RTF documents, HTML files, text files, compiled HTML Help files (CHM), and Microsoft HTML Help Workshop projects (HHP).


To use the Import feature:

1.On the File tab, click Import.

2.Click the appropriate button to import a file or an entire folder containing files of the supported types.


You can visit this topic for more details on using the Import feature.


Images and Video Files

Please note that image and video files that are used in your help project are not stored in the .HSM project file directly. HelpSmith automatically copies all the media files to the media repository, which is stored in a sub-folder named like "YourProjectName_files" and located in the same directory as your help project (.HSM) file.


For more details on using image and video files in your help project, you can also visit this topic.


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