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Calling HTML Help Topics from the Command Line

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You can display a specific topic of an HTML Help (CHM) file through a command line call.


The Command Line Format

The format of the command line is as follows:


"hh HelpFileName::/TopicFilename.htm#Anchor",




hh - is the HTML Help executable file in Windows.


HelpFileName - the actual HTML Help file whose topic should be displayed.


TopicFilename.htm - the filename of the topic to display, which is located inside the HTML Help (CHM) file.


Note: To generate the filename of a specific help topic, HelpSmith uses the topic's textual Id as the filename, and the HTML file extension as defined in the project options.

To get the filename of a topic in HTML Help Viewer, right-click on the topic's document, and then click Properties in the popup menu.


#Anchor - an optional parameter specifying the name of a bookmark within the topic.



The following command line will display the topic "IDH_Topic20.htm" of the "MyHelpFile.chm" help system.


hh MyHelpFile.chm::/IDH_Topic20.htm

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