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Topic Properties

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Edit Properties of a TOC item

1.In the Project Manager pane, click the TOC item you want to edit.

2.On the Project tab, in the Topics & Templates group, click Properties.

3.At the dialog box, modify the properties you want.

4.Click OK.


Below is a description of TOC item properties.

Please note that some of the parameters below are available for a specific item type only.



The main title of the help topic (or other TOC item).


Document Title

Allows you to define an alternative title that will be used as the value of the HTML <title></title> tag when exporting the topic into the HTML format.

By default, the main title is used.



The icon associated with the TOC item.



If selected, the item will not be shown in the Table of Contents in the compiled help system. However, a hidden topic can still be accessed through a hyperlink, from the Index, search results, etc.



Numeric identifier used to associate a specific topic with a unique integer value.

The Context Id is used for linking purposes within a help system and also when integrating a help system with an application using HTML Help API.



Textual topic identifier which is used for similar purposes as the Context Id.



The status associated with the topic, which you can use for your convenience while working on a help project.

By default, any topic has the "Complete" status, but you can also use your own custom statuses.



A bookmark located in the linked topic.

When clicking an item which links to a bookmark, the help system will open the linked topic and will automatically scroll to the bookmark location.



The help window in which the topic should be displayed in HTML Help. You can add and edit help windows used in the HTML Help system.



Allows you to set an alternative character set used when exporting the help topic into the HTML format.

By default, the charset value defined in the Project Options is used.



Allows you to set an alternative template or disable using a template by the topic in a specific output format.

By default, topics use templates defined in the Project Options for specific output formats.



The address of the linked webpage or other external resource.


Build Options

Allows you to set build options that determine when the item should be included or excluded to/from the output help system.

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