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Word Processor: Overview

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HelpSmith includes a full-featured word processor that allows you to write content using different formatting attributes or dynamic styles, insert tables, graphic and video files, bulleted and numbered lists, hyperlinks, bookmarks, variables, conditional text, and other objects. Most actions in the HelpSmith's word processor are similar to other word processing applications that you may be familiar with.


Edit a Topic or Template

To open a topic or template for editing in the word processor, you can simply click it in the Project Manager.



Using the Word Processor

Working with the Clipboard

Find and Replace

Modifying Font Properties

Modifying Paragraph Properties

Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Using Tab Stops

Modifying Page Properties

Non-scrolling Area

Changing Text Language

Using Pictures and Video

Inserting Video from YouTube




Navigation Links

Inserting a Horizontal Line

Inserting a Variable

Inserting HTML Code

Conditional Text

Inserting a Page Break

Related Links

Using QR and Barcodes

Working with Tables

Using Dynamic Styles

Using Syntax Highlighter

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