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Conditional Text

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You can define build options for any block of content in a help topic. Thus, you can include or exclude not only an entire help topic to/from a compilation, but also specific parts of the topic's content that may contain text, images, hyperlinks, tables, and any other objects.


Conditional Text Elements

The built-in word processor uses special objects that define a conditional text block in the document.

IF object indicates the start of a conditional text block.

END object indicates the end of a conditional text block.

ELSE object inside a conditional text block (between Start and End objects) reverses the result of the conditions defined for this block.


Note: If the End object is omitted, all the content after the IF object to the end of the document is considered as a conditional text block.


Insert a Conditional Text Block (or Separate Element)

1.In the word processor, select the content that you want to make a part of a conditional text block. Or, put the cursor where you want to insert a new conditional text block or separate element (IF, END, ELSE).

2.On the Insert tab, in the Conditions group, click Condition.

3.In the drop-down menu, select block elements or a separate element that you want to insert.

4.In the Build Options dialog, define conditions for the new conditional text block.

5.Click OK.


Edit Build Options of an Existing Conditional Text Block

1.In the word processor, double-click an element (IF, END, ELSE) of the conditional text block that you want to edit.

2.In the Build Options dialog, add or modify conditions that you want.

3.Click OK.


Nested Conditional Text Blocks

You can insert conditional text blocks inside other blocks. The compilation engine will process nested blocks only if the parent blocks have a positive result (i.e. if the parent block is included into the compilation). In some situations, using nested blocks in topic content is useful despite a similar result can be achieved by defining extra conditions for a separate (not nested) conditional text block.


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