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A Breadcrumb object is a placeholder that you can insert into a topic or template. In the compiled help file or printed documentation, the breadcrumb will be replaced with the path that indicates the location of the topic in the Table of Contents.


The breadcrumb object is fully customizable and you can set your preferred path delimiter, enable or disable active hyperlinks in the location path, and set different styles.


Insert a Breadcrumb

1.In the word processor, put the cursor where you want to insert a breadcrumb placeholder.

2.On the Insert tab, in the Placeholders group, click Breadcrumbs.

3.In the dialog, define properties of the new breadcrumb.

4.Click OK.


Edit Properties of a Breadcrumb

1.In the word processor, double-click the breadcrumb object that you want to edit.

2.In the dialog, change the properties you want.

3.Click OK.


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