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Non-scrolling Area

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The Non-scrolling Area allows you to make a heading area in a topic or template that will not be scrolled with the document's main content. This functionality is useful in electronic help systems and e-books.


Setup the Non-scrolling Area

1.In the word processor, put the cursor to the paragraph that should be the last paragraph of the non-scrolling area.

2.On the Write tab, click Non-scrolling Area.

3.In the dialog, set your preferred settings such as the border and background settings.

4.Click OK.


Edit Non-scrolling Area Settings

If a topic or template already has the Non-scrolling Area, you can edit its properties, to do so:

1.On the Write tab, click Non-scrolling Area.

2.In the dialog, change the properties you want. When needed, you can also change the non-scrolling area's last paragraph by checking the appropriate option.

3.Click OK.


Remove the Non-scrolling Area

1.On the Write tab, click Non-scrolling Area.

2.In the dialog, click Remove Non-Scrolling Area.


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