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Topic Preferences

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1.On the Project tab, in the Project group, click Project Options.

2.In the Project Options dialog, in the left sidebar, under General, click Topic Preferences.

3.Change the parameters that you need.

4.Click OK.


Below is a description of the parameters in this section.


Default step between topic contexts

The default step used to generate the Context identifier for a new help topic.


Use skipped context numbers

When selected, the Context identifier of a new help topic can be generated using skipped context numbers, and vice versa.


New topic ID prefix

The suffix used to generate the textual ID of a new help topic.

By the default, topic IDs have the following format: IDH_Topic10, IDH_Topic20, etc.


Status list

Allows you to edit the list of statuses that you can assign to help topics while working on a help project.

To add, edit, or delete a status, use the corresponding buttons.

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