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Style Types

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All styles in HelpSmith are divided into the following types:

Text styles;

Paragraph styles;

List styles.

Thus, a text style stores font attributes such as the font name, font color, size, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough attributes, etc. A paragraph style stores text alignment, indentation, line spacing, and other paragraph formatting values. Similarly, a list style stores settings of a bulleted or numbered list.


Reserved Styles

For you convenience, HelpSmith has a predefined set of reserved styles. These are:

Heading 1;

Heading 2;

Heading 3;



Active Hyperlink.

Note that you can modify a reserved style, but cannot delete it.


Automatically Created Styles

The HelpSmith's built-in word processor is completely based on dynamic styles, which means that it always uses dynamic styles to store the formatting attributes.


When you change any formatting settings directly in the word processor, HelpSmith either creates a new style to store the new settings or associates the selected content with an existing style that has the same settings.


A new style can be added as an independent style or it may use an existing user- or reserved- style as the base style. This depends on which kind of style was associated with the content whose formatting settings you changed.


Thus, automatically created styles are styles which are created with the word processor. The User Style property is disabled for such a style, which means that the style can be automatically deleted when it is not used by any content anymore.


Note: Depending on the program settings, the Styles pane may hide the automatically created styles.


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