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1.On the File tab, click Options.

2.In the dialog, in the left sidebar, click Images.

3.Change the parameters you want.

4.Click OK.


Below is a description of the parameters in this section.


Convert bitmaps

If selected, HelpSmith will automatically convert bitmap images which are pasted from the Clipboard into the preferred format. This option is used for images pasted in the word processor, and in the media repository window.


Conversion format

The graphic format into which you want to convert bitmap images pasted from the Clipboard. It is recommended to use the PNG format.


JPEG images quality

The image quality and compression level for JPEG images. Usually, the quality level of 90%-100% is considered "high quality", 80%-90% is "medium quality", and 70% or lower is a low quality image. A low-quality image results in a smaller size of the JPEG file, a high-quality image generates a relatively large file.


Convert 256-color (or less) bitmaps to GIF

If enabled, 256-color (or less) bitmaps will always be converted into the GIF format regardless of the selected conversion format. This option allows you to provide smaller file size for such bitmaps.


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