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Spelling Check Options

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1.On the File menu, click Options.

2.In the dialog, in the left sidebar, click Spelling.

3.Change the parameters you want.

4.Click OK.


Below is a description of the parameters in this section.


Check Spelling in Current Topic Only

When selected, the spelling check is only performed in the current help topic, not in the entire project.


Always Suggest Corrections

Automatically displays a list of suggested spellings for misspelled words during a spelling check.


Suggest from Main Dictionaries Only

Suggests correct spellings from the main dictionary but not from the user's custom dictionary.


Ignore Words in UPPERCASE

Ignores words in UPPERCASE letters during a spelling check.


Ignore Words with Numbers

Ignores words that contain numbers during a spelling check.


Ignore Internet and Files Addresses

Ignores Internet addresses, file names, and electronic mail addresses during a spelling check.



Allows you to select dictionaries available for spelling check. HelpSmith detects which language to use by the Language attribute of text.


Change or remove words from the user's custom dictionary

You can edit the custom dictionary used by the spell checker, to do so:

1.Under Dictionaries box, click Edit.

2.In the Custom Dictionary dialog, enter additional words (one word per line) that you want to be counted as correctly spelled words during a spelling check.

3.Click OK.


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