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Image Properties: Control Annotations

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The functionality described in this topic is available in HelpSmith Professional (or higher) edition only.


Edit Control Annotations Settings

1.In the Image Tool, on the toolbar, click Image Properties.

2.On the Control Annotations tab, modify the settings according with your needs.

3.Click OK.


Control Annotations Settings

On this tab, you can customize the appearance of control annotations by selecting an existing style scheme, or by modifying parameters of individual elements, such as shape and border, background, line, and shadow settings.



Allows you to select a style scheme for control annotations.



Select the control annotation's element such as Shape & Border, Background, or Line whose appearance you want to modify.


Show annotation titles in the image

Specifies if the titles of control annotations should be shown in the image.


Text Font

Font settings used for the titles of control annotations.


Title max width

Specifies the maximum width of the titles of control annotations within the image.


Shadow Settings

Shadow parameters such as opacity level, blur radius, offset, etc.


Start number

Specifies the initial value to start the control annotation numbering from.


Numbering Font

Font settings used to display the numbers of control annotations.



Allows you to export (or import) image properties to (or from) a file. Also, you can reset the image properties to the default state.


Set as default

If selected, the current image properties will apply to a new image as default.



Applies the current settings and closes the dialog window.



Discards the changes to the settings and closes the dialog window.



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