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Image Tool: Overview

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The functionality described in this topic is available in HelpSmith Professional (or higher) edition only.


HelpSmith includes a built-in Image Tool that you can use to capture screenshots, create annotations for images, add clickable hotspots, and also to add control annotations for UI elements that can be exported into the topic directly. Thus, the Image Tool can significantly simplify the process of writing documentation for the user interface of your application.


The Built-in Image Tool in HelpSmith


Key Features of the Image Tool in HelpSmith

The Image Tool available in HelpSmith provides you with the following features:

Screenshot tool allowing you to capture the entire screen or individual dialog windows.

Various annotation objects that you can add to an image: rectangles, balloons, arrows, lines, text labels, and other annotation types.

Control annotations for UI elements that can be exported directly into the topic.

Hotspots allowing you to create clickable regions linking to a topic, or to an external URL address.

Crop tool to remove unwanted parts of a captured screenshot.

The ability to capture the mouse cursor.

Flexible settings to customize the appearance of annotations.


Using the Image Tool

Image Tool User Interface

Inserting a Screenshot

Adding Annotations to an Image

Using Control Annotations

Exporting Control Annotations to the Topic

Using Hotspots

Using the Crop Tool

Modifying Image Files in Media Repository

Editing Image Properties

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