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Using Control Annotations

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The functionality described in this topic is available in HelpSmith Professional (or higher) edition only.


The Image Tool allows you to add control annotations for user interface elements (such as buttons, input boxes, etc.) that can be exported directly into the topic where you can provide a detailed description for each control, or for a group of controls under a single annotation.


Edit Annotations of an Existing Image

1.In the word processor, hover the mouse over the image that you want to edit.

2.In the top-left corner of the image, click the Edit Image button.

3.Use the Image Tool to add, edit, or delete the annotations that you need.

4.Click OK.


Add a Control Annotation to the Image

1.In the Image Tool, in the left toolbar, click Add Control Annotation.

2.In the dialog, specify the annotation title and other parameters.

3.Click OK.


Edit Properties of a Control Annotation

In the Image Tool, you can edit properties of one or more control annotations:

1.Select the annotation that you want to edit by clicking on it.

2.In the toolbar, click Edit Properties.

3.In the dialog, you can modify the annotation title and other parameters.

4.Click OK.


Remark: To select multiple annotations for editing, you can click on them while holding down the Ctrl key.



Specifies the annotation title.


Specifies the position of the Title relative to the number.


Create image for this control in the document

Specifies if the control image should be exported to the document.


Set number for this annotation manually

Allows you to define the number of this control annotation manually. If this option is not set, the number will be defined automatically depending on the annotation's position.



Applies the current settings and closes the dialog window.



Discards the changes to the settings and closes the dialog window.



Positioning Control Annotations on the Image

Unlike regular annotation objects (balloons, arrows, text lables, etc.), a control annotation consists of two elements: an element with the number, and the rectangle object that determines the bounds of the control (or a group of controls) on the image.


You can position control annotations on the image by using the mouse, arrow keys on the keyboard, or by using the "Auto Alignment and Size" buttons available on the toolbar. For more details, on positioning and resizing annotation objects, you can visit this topic.


Also, you can use the Reformat button available on the toolbar in the Image Tool, to automatically reposition the control annotations depending on the positions of the corresponding controls.


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