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Using Hotspots

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The functionality described in this topic is available in HelpSmith Professional (or higher) edition only.


The Image Tool allows you to add hotspots to any image in your documentation. A hotspot is a clickable area on an image that works similarly to a hyperlink in a topic. Thus, you can use hotspots to link to another topic within the same help system, an external URL address, email address, or to perform a macro.


Edit Hotspots of an Existing Image

1.In the word processor, hover the mouse over the image that you want to edit.

2.In the top-left corner of the image, click the Edit Image button.

3.Use the Image Tool to add, edit, or delete the hotspots that you need.

4.Click OK.


Add a Hotspot to the Image

1.In the Image Tool, in the left toolbar, click Add Hotspot.

2.In the dialog, select the hotspot type, and set the desired hotspot parameters.

3.Click OK.


Edit a Hotspot

1.In the Image Tool, double-click on the hotspot that you want to edit.

2.In the dialog, modify the parameters that you need.

3.Click OK.


Add a Hotspot to an Existing Annotation

The Image Tool allows you to add individual hotspot objects as explained above, or to specify hotspot settings for an existing annotation, so the annotation will work as a clickable hotspot in the compiled documentation.


To apply hotspot settings to an existing annotation:

1.In the Image Tool, double-click on the annotation for which you want to specify hotspot settings.

2.In the dialog, check the option Create hotspot for this object on the image.

3.Click the Edit Hotspot button, specify the desired hotspot settings, then click OK.

4.Click OK.


Hotspot Properties Dialog


Link To

Allows you to select the hotspot type, such as:

Topic in the Project - a hotspot linking to a topic within the same help system.

Web Page - a hotspot linking to an external URL address.

E-mail Address - a hotspot linking to an email address. Clicking on such a hotspot creates a new email message in the default email client application.

Macro - a hotspot that performs a special action.


Topic Context

Specifies the topic that you want to display when clicking on the hotspot area in compiled documentation.



Specifies the bookmark name, which determines the place in the linked topic to which you want to scroll.



Allows you to specify a secondary window in which the linked topic will be displayed. This parameter works in HTML Help (CHM) output format only.



Text that will be displayed when hovering over a hotspot in compiled documentation.



Applies the current settings and closes the dialog window.



Discards the changes to the settings and closes the dialog window.



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