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HTML Editor

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The HTML Editor is a built-in tool in HelpSmith that allows you to edit the code of HTML insertions and also the code of HTML-based templates that are used in a help project for different purposes.


The HTML Editor allows you to insert text variables, color codes in the HTML notation, images from the media repository, and also to use special tags that define if a block of the HTML code should be included during the compilation depending on the selected build tags.


HTML Editor User Interface


Insert Text Variable

Allows you to select and insert a text variable into the HTML code in the notation supported by the HTML Editor.


Insert Color Code

Allows you to select a color or define a custom color and insert the color code in the HTML notation.


Insert Media Reference

Allows you to select an image available in the media repository of your help project and insert a reference to the image file.



Using Text Variables in HTML Code

To insert a text variable into HTML code, the following syntax is used:


<%#VariableName%>, where #VariableName is the name of the variable that will be replaced with its actual value during the compilation.


Using Media References in HTML Code

A media reference is a placeholder linked to a specific image file in the media repository of your help project. The media reference will be replaced with the actual file link during the compilation.


HTML Editor uses the following syntax for a media reference:


<%media:MyFolder\MyFile.png%>, where MyFolder\MyFile.png is the path to the file in the media repository.


Using Build Tags to Include (or Exclude) a Block of HTML Code

HTML Editor allows you to use conditions based on Build Tags that determine is a specific block of the HTML code should be included (or excluded) to the compilation.


HTML Editor uses the following syntax to define a conditional block:

<IF_#HTMLHelp>Some code or text</IF_#HTMLHelp>,


where #HTMLHelp is the ID of the build tag (as defined in project options) which means that this block will be included only if the given build tag is selected during the compilation.


For full information on using conditions in HTML code, you can visit this topic.

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