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Context Tool

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The Context Tool allows you to automatically renumber a range of help topics, or to edit Context values of individual topics.


Using the Context Tool

1.On the Project tab, in the Tools group, click the drop-down menu of the Context Tool button.

2.In the drop-down menu, click Context Tool.

3.In the Context Tool dialog, select one or more topics whose Context values you want to change.

4.Click Edit Context to enter a new Context value for a single selected topic, or click Renumber to change Context values for all or for the selected topics.

5.Click OK.


HINT: To select all topics, press Ctrl+A. To select multiple topics, hold down the Ctrl key and click the topics you want to select.


The Context Tool checks for conflicts in the Context values before applying the changes. If a conflict is found, you will be able to set a different Context value. To navigate to the next conflict, click Next Conflict.


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