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Compiling a Help Project /

Batch Compilation Tasks

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HelpSmith provides you with the possibility to setup compilation tasks which makes it possible for you to compile your help project into multiple output formats or to generate different versions of the same help file with a single click.


Using the Task Manager, you can add any number of compilation tasks and define settings for each task, such as the output format, destination filename, and build tags. In addition, a compilation task allows you to override the default topic template, and text variables that are defined on the help project-level.


Display the Task Manager

1.On the Project tab, in the Project group, click Compile.

2.In the Compile Project dialog, click Task Manager.



Allows you to add a new compilation task.


Task List

Displays the list of your compilation tasks. If necessary, you can enable or disable any task by clicking on the appropriate checkbox.


Project Options

Allows you to edit settings of the help project before the compilation.



Allows you to edit properties of the selected task.


Back to Quick Compilation

Switches to the basic compilation mode.



Starts the help project compilation process for the selected tasks.



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