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Adding a Compilation Task

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1.On the Project tab, in the Project group, click Compile.

2.In the Compile Project dialog, click Task Manager.


Add a Compilation Task

1.In the Compile Project dialog, click Add.

2.In the New Task dialog, specify the new task title, and other parameters, such as the output format, destination filename, build tags, etc.

3.Click OK.



Specifies the title of the compilation task that will be displayed in the Task Manager.


Output Format

Specifies the documentation format that the given compilation task will generate.


Output filename

Specifies the destination filename or folder for the generated help file or document.


Determine the path automatically

If selected, the output filename will be automatically determined depending on the selected output format and the help project location.


Topic Template

Allows you to override the default topic template defined on the help project-level for a specific output format.


Text Variables

Allows you to define or override text variables for this compilation task.


Build Tags

Specifies the build tags that will be applied to this compilation task.


Compile topics with status "Complete" only

If selected, the topics with the status different from "Complete" will be excluded from the compiled documentation.



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