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HelpSmith Terminal Server Edition (floating licenses)

HelpSmith Terminal Server Edition allows you to install HelpSmith on a terminal server (in network client/server environment), so users can run the software without local installation (user settings are saved locally).

For HelpSmith Terminal Server Edition, the number of floating licenses determines how many users on the local network can use the software at the same time.

Product Price per User  
HelpSmith 9.x Terminal Server Edition
Volume discounts available
$599 USD Buy Now

What's Included?

HelpSmith Terminal Server Edition includes all the features of HelpSmith Ultimate Edition and also the possibility to install the software on a terminal server (in network client/server environment). For details, see the HelpSmith Edition comparison table.

Buy Package of Floating Licenses

Please note that you can specify the number of licenses during the ordering process. The number of floating licenses determines how many users on the local network can use HelpSmith at the same time.

Number of Users Total Price  
2 users $1,098 USD Buy Now
5 users $2,695 USD Buy Now
10 users $5,290 USD Buy Now
25 users $13,225 USD Buy Now

Licensing & Maintenance Terms

According to the HelpSmith EULA, you should purchase the number of licenses corresponding to the number of computers on which you want to install and use HelpSmith (for per seat licenses), or to the number of users (for floating licenses).

The license cost is a one-time fee, which means that there is NO limitation on how long you can use a purchased license with the appropriate HelpSmith version (for example, HelpSmith 9.x).

Also, we provide free technical support, so if you have questions while using HelpSmith, you can always contact us by submitting a ticket.

Upgrades to a Newer HelpSmith version

If you are a registered HelpSmith user, you are entitled to:

  • Upgrade to newer minor versions (e.g. from HelpSmith 9.1 to HelpSmith 9.x) free of charge.
  • Upgrade to a newer major version (e.g. HelpSmith 9.x to HelpSmith 10.x) for free within the period of one year since your order date.
  • If the period of one year since your order date has expired and there is a new major version available, you can place an upgrade order at a special price.

For more details, you can also visit our Ordering & Licensing FAQ.

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You can purchase our products through any reseller that your company may have an exclusive procurement contract with, even if that reseller is not found in the list.

We offer volume discount pricing for this product, as shown below:

Quantity Price per unit
1$599 USD
2 .. 4$549 USD
5 .. 9$539 USD
10+$529 USD