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I am so impressed with HelpSmith's easy, clean yet functional design. It spares me an incredible amount of busywork in creating manuals.

For example, the new ability to create a responsive online manual with the Web Help option couldn't be easier. Thank you!
Wells Anderson, Active Practice LLC
I'm glad we bought your product, we like it a lot. It does exactly what we want for an incredible price and your support is excellent.

I have been developing software for many years and have used HTML Help for a long time and other help tools, HelpSmith is a great tool you guys have created.
Alfred Menendez, VFP Business Solutions, LLC
I'd like to say that I love your product! I use it all the time and it definitely makes my life so much easier!
Naomi Dschaak, Future Point Systems, Inc.
BTW, very impressive program. I've used RoboHelp from before the days of HTMLHelp/WebHelp and it took a very long time to learn then you still had to figure out how to hack it to make it work. It's nice to get a product that works out of the box. I'll be purchasing it for my freelance business.
Ginger Stuckey, HelpSmith User
Just a quick word to say thanks for a great product. I have found your help editor very easy to use. The user interface is simple and intuitive, yet very powerful. I am loving your software! I wish I had known about this years ago.

I have only been working for a day and yet have almost an entire help system written for my software package, and that time includes the slight learning curve for your product.
Karl Sangree, One Zen Tech, LLC
I just want to say that you have a brilliant product and I love it. It is powerful, yet simple. You have done a tremendous job with this tool.
Luis Contreras, AzTech International, LLC
I have just purchased HelpSmith 3.0 and I am very pleased with all of the features I have used thus far. I was a Robohelp Office user that had to make a change due to the incompatibility with Office 2007. HelpSmith imported my RoboHelp HTML files and started right up. I have yet to find a bug in the editor. The PDF document create works great, which RoboHelp never did. I recommend HelpSmith to any Windows developer.
John Maultsby, Constructive Computing
I should also say that HelpSmith is fantastic. Creating my help file was a breeze and my main concern was that, because I did it so quickly, there must be problems! There weren't...
Ian Johnson, IMJ Software
HelpSmith - powerful, comprehensive, effective and easy-to-use application that provides a great solution to create help documentation as CHM HTML Help files, Web Help, Printed Manuals, or PDF documents, all from the same single project. Editor Team,
HS is that kind of software which I always enjoy to work with. I bought Helpsmith when it was a too early version with only one help format supported. And today it's one of the best help file creation tools available on the market. I really love this product.
Mike Gartner, Software Developer
I've been using HelpSmith for a month for now but still impressed with this help auth. tool. You cannot be a professional tech. writer unless you can't work with stuff like CSS. But with HelpSmith, you can! I've been able to write my first help file (with HS) containing of 120 topics and about 60 images. I'm very pleased with HelpSmith and will be recommending it to my friends.
Stephen White, Tech. Writer
I'm a Delphi (and MS Access) developer and wanted to say how pleased I am with your software. It really takes only minutes to create a quality help file for my applications.
Sieting Morris, Delphi and VBA Developer
I just downloaded the new HS version and want to say that I am really happy with your product. It actually lives up to your promises and makes help authoring a pleasure to do. :)
Paul Bernard, Tech. Writer
We are using your HelpSmith software to create an online help system for our web app (written in PHP+MySQL). I want to say that HelpSmith is actually the best solution among the countless number of help creation tools I tried. Thank you for making this great product.
Chris Ferreira, ASP and PHP Programmer
I've been a user of your HDS/HB software for many years and was very pleased to see a modern Vista-compatible product, HelpSmith. All I could say when saw the screenshots and worked with the demo version for the first time was "WOW!". I think HelpSmith is a developer's must have application.
Edward Forrest, Software Developer
I am a software developer from a micro-ISV company who often has to do a lot of the non-programming jobs. Frankly speaking, I hated documenting (and so do most of the developers in the world, I think :) until I found HelpSmith. HelpSmith's simplicity in usage and especially its dynamic styles feature makes this product a fantastic application in my toolkit.
Michael Stevens, Software Developer
HelpSmith is the most powerful help authoring tool I've ever used. Dynamic styles is just a terrific feature which saves much of the time I spend on documenting. I also like the possibility to generate C++ headers without having to type all the contexts. Thanks.
Stephen Krawec, C++ and C# Developer
Your product seems very impressive and potentially a home run. I love the way that the web help simulates the chm file with the icons on the menu system. I also like how the printed manual creation has a table of contents. I like your web help and the result is much better than in HelpBreeze (I used before).
M.Hanes, HelpSmith User
Just now I have purchased HelpSmith ver 2. I liked it very much and I bought. It's really good.
S.Bhattaram, HelpSmith User
I am a freelance ASP.NET and PHP developer and a satisfied user of your product. Creating an online-based WebHelp system that has a TOC and full-text search capability could not be that easy without it.
Peter Josef, Freelance Developer
I truly have tried many, many, many other help authoring systems. HelpSmith by far I have found to be the most intuitive.

Easy to use and not overwhelming. There is a learning curve - a short one. And the final results look professional and easy on the eyes.
Kate Watling, Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc.
I just wanted to say that I have been searching extensively for an easy to use and capable help authoring tool for my desktop projects.

For years I have used the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop but under Windows 7 it appears to be experiencing generation issues.

Your product works cleanly and easily, producing exactly what I need to standardize my open-source data-access-layers. At this rate I will be making a purchase soon...

Out of all the HAT products I reviewed, yours appeared to be the easiest to use, provided a sense of completeness (some products I looked at didn't feel as if they were finished pieces of work.), and was affordably priced given its capabilities.
Steve Naidamast, Black Falcon Software, Inc.
I had been using RoboHelp since 1998 and had last updated the application about 2002. RoboHelp worked great but frequently when the PC did automatic updates the application would need to be re-registered. I hadn't used it for a while but when I tried to re-registered my licensed software that I had paid $500.00+- for, I was informed they no longer support that version and even though my PC and Word version meet the application requirements and I had the receipt, CD & CD key they could not re-register it and there was nothing I could do but buy at full price the latest version of RoboHelp.

I am so glad I looked for other Help applications. I have now been working with HelpSmith for (3) days. I purchased the License this morning and I am very pleased and would never consider going back to RoboHelp. Thanks.
Brentwood Shunk, CS-Graphx
By the way, I looked at about 6 different programs before I purchased your program. If I had to sum your program up in one word it would be "AWESOME". I use a lot of different high end software packages and I normally do not get excited about software but your progam is intuitive and does exactly what I need it to do and it does it well (the best part is I dont have to deal with editing html files).
Terry Clarkson, ATC Industries
This tool is wonderful. I am a software engineer consultant and I want to focus on my code. This tool allows me to add professional help & documentation with little effort. Even better you have a single source which to generate all the artifacts which allows for easy maintenance.
Stephen Terapak, Terapak Consulting
I am a technical writer, and I was checking on some products on the Web for documentation and came across this product. My company was kind of skeptical about buying a costly product such as RoboHelp or Flare. When I downloaded the evaluation version of HelpSmith, I was amazed with its features which I never imagined to be part of a lesser known and low-priced authoring tool. I evaluated the tool for half an hour and found it really COOL. We are working on acquiring the license ASAP.
Girish KS, eGovernments Foundation
HelpSmith has been a tremendous product! It has been the easiest yet most robust Help program I have used. I use HelpSmith to create online help files for MS Access databases I write for the company I work for.
Buz Hopper, The Harris Products Group
I want to compliment HelpSmith on an awesome product. I compared it to 5 other products during evaluation and there really was no comparison. I used RoboHelp years ago but just the upgrade cost would have been $500, assuming they would let me upgrade my old version.

To buy RoboHelp new costs $1,000. For a little more than 10% of the cost HelpSmith gives me 90% or more of any of the features that I could want. It also makes a great printed manual, and that was a requisite for our projects.
Steven Nachlas, The First American Corporation
I was searching Google for a help tool to work on my new employer's project. After trying a numerous of HATs available on the net, my choice is HelpSmith. This tool has the most powerful implementation of styles (working even better than is MS Word!) and extremely fast user interface (what I cannot say about RoboHelp, by the way). And I also like the way it works with images.
John Siewert, Tech. Writer
I basically hate documenting, but with HelpSmith I might actually get some produced. I very much like your product. Thanks for the good work.
A.Campbell, HelpSmith User
HelpSmith is a wonderful product I got from GiveAwayOfTheDay website free of cost some time ago. Then, however, I bought it to create help files for my own programs. Thank you for the great product and excellent customer support.
James Robbins, HelpSmith User
We've bought HelpSmith to create a web help system for our web-based application. I could not even dream that documenting can be that easy to do. Certainly, this is the best help writing software I've ever worked with.
David Gates, Webmaster
After a while of testing Helpsmith (and other products as well), I am very impressed with your product's simplicity of usage and the features it offers (the best implementation of styles, by the way). I'll be buying your software.
Timothy Willson, Software Developer
My opinion of Helpsmith is that it's just a new word in help authoring. I downloaded it from your website and bought after a couple of days of playing with it. Thank you for the recent update and keep up the great job!
Barbara Miller, Tech. Writer
I work for a software company and started using your Helpsmith product to create both chm and online tutorials for our app. With Helpsmith I could generate Help in both of the formats in a couple of days. It's really worth the money spent on it.
Andy Lysenko, Tech. Writer
I am a technical writer who is trying out your 30-day demo. For eight years, I used Robohelp at my previous job. After creating some topics and index entries and making links, I am really impressed by HelpSmith's ease of use. It's very intuitive, I really like HelpSmith; it's very well designed, and its cost is much less than Robohelp or Flare.
Martha Lance, Tech. Writer
I'm very much impressed with HelpSmith 2.0. I downloaded it from your website yesterday. The new style system is a really unique feature that makes it very easy to work on help topics. Also, thanks for the article helping me integrate the generated CHM file with my Visual Basic app.
Rene Murphy, VB/VBA Developer

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