Complete help authoring tool to create CHM HTML Help files, Web Help systems, Printed Manuals, Adobe PDF documents, and Microsoft Word documents from a single source.
Screenshot annotations created in HelpSmith
Screenshot annotations created with HelpSmith
  • Multiple output formats from a single source: HTML Help, Web Help, Printed Manual, Adobe PDF, and MS Word.
  • The ability to import HTML, CHM, HHP (with CSS support), and MS Word files (including documents with Table of Contents).
  • Full-featured word processor: dynamic styles, spell checker for different languages, and Unicode support.
  • Built-in Screenshot Tool with the ability to create and edit annotations for screenshots.
  • The ability to create help for dialog windows automatically.
  • Most powerful Conditional Compilation capabilities based on build tags.
  • Topic templates to customize the appearance of your help file or document.
  • Variables to insert names, dates, and any other values dynamically.
  • Insert and manage graphics and videos with a single project’s media repository.
Dynamic Styles in HelpSmith
Dynamic Styles in HelpSmith
  • Ready-to-use style schemes and the possibility to create a custom scheme for Web Help.
  • Support for Facebook and Disqus comments for Web Help.
  • Auto-correction system to avoid broken links in the compiled help file.
  • Optimized for working with large amount of data and usage of minimal system resources.
  • A smart Project Merge feature for collaborative work, translation purposes, and for creating topic libraries.
  • Easy integration of HTML Help and Web Help with your application or website.
  • Command line possibilities to automate compilation of help files and documents.
  • Modern Ribbon interface with a slight learning curve, step-by-step documentation, and sample help projects.
Project Merge Wizard
Project Merge Wizard

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BTW, very impressive program. I've used RoboHelp from before the days of HTMLHelp/WebHelp and it took a very long time to learn then you still had to figure out how to hack it to make it work. It's nice to get a product that works out of the box. I'll be purchasing it for my freelance business.
Ginger Stuckey, HelpSmith User
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