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[Warning] Invalid hyperlink found: Topic with the context ContextID does not exist

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A help topic contains a hyperlink that links to topic that does not exist in the compiled help file or document. This can occur if the hyperlink refers to an invalid ContextID, or if the linked topic has been excluded from the compiled help file.



To resolve this issue, you should check the problematic hyperlink:

1.In the Project Manager, select the topic that contains the hyperlink.

2.In the word processor, double-click on the hyperlink to edit its properties.

3.In the Edit Hyperlink dialog, ensure the Topic Context parameter refers to a valid topic.

4.Click OK.


In case the issue occurs due to the linked topic is excluded from the compiled help file, you should check the topic's Build Options:

1.In the Project Manager, double-click on the linked topic to edit its properties.

2.Click Build Options to check when this topic should be included to the compilation.


Please note that inclusion (or exclusion) of a help topic to/from the compiled help file depends on the topic's Build Options and also on the build tags that you select for a specific compilation. If you need to exclude a help topic from a compilation, HelpSmith offers several ways to avoid invalid hyperlinks. You can visit this topic for more details.


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