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Printed Manual: General Options

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1.On the Project tab, in the Project group, click Project Options.

2.In the Project Options dialog, in the left sidebar, click Printed Manual.

3.Change the parameters that you need.

4.Click OK.


Below is a description of the parameters in this section.


Page Setup

Allows you to define page settings of the printed manual document.

Click Page Setup to set the document's page margins, background, page size, page orientation, page header and footer area, and page numbering start value.


Default topic template

Allows you to set the default template that will be applied to the help topics when you compile the Printed Manual document.

Note that individual topics can override this setting and either use a different template or use no template.


Fit images to the page size

When selected, the size of big images contained in the document will be automatically changed, so the images will fit to the page size.


Outline levels

Allows you to customize the outline levels of the printed manual document. The outline levels define the style of items in the automatically generated Table of Contents page, page numbering settings, outline level numbering settings, and also the style of heading items that are exported to the printed manual document. For more details on editing settings of an outline level, you can visit this topic.

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