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Editing Outline Level Settings

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1.On the Project tab, in the Project group, click Project Options.

2.In the Project Options dialog, in the left sidebar, click Printed Manual.

3.In the Outline levels box, click on the level that you want to modify.

4.In the Level dialog, change the parameters that you need.

5.Click OK.



Style of the TOC item

Allows you to specify the font and paragraph style that will be used for items of the certain outline level in the automatically generated Table of Contents page.


Outline numbering settings

Allows you to customize the outline numbering format and template string for the certain outline level. You can enable (or disable) the outline numbering, select the numbering format (such as Decimal, Upper Roman, Upper Alpha, etc.), and also define the numbering template string. The numbering template can contain placeholders such as <L1>, <L2>, ..., <L9> that will be replaced with the actual value of the counter for a specific outline level in the generated documentation.


Start each heading or topic on a new page

If set, a page break will be inserted before each topic or heading of the certain outline level in the printed manual document.


Heading style

Specifies the style of the heading (chapter) items that will be exported to the printed manual document.


While you can define the style of the topic titles either by editing a topic in the word processor, or by editing the font and paragraph settings of the #TopicTitle variable used in a common topic template, the Heading style parameter allows you to customize the style of the heading items that, unlike topics, do not have a document, but are also exported to the printed manual to indicate the documentation chapters, sections, sub-sections, and so on.


Apply heading font settings to #TopicTitle variable in a topic (or template)

If set, the font settings defined for the headings in the document's body will also apply to the #TopicTitle variable which can be contained in a topic or template. This option allows you to use single font settings for the titles of the heading TOC items and for the titles of regular topics (for which the titles are displayed by the #TopicTitle variable).


If this option is not set, the titles of the topics will have font settings defined by the #TopicTitle variable itself in the word processor.


Page number settings

Specifies if the Table of Contents items of the certain outline level should display a page number. Also, you can use the Custom font for page number option to define font settings for the page number. Otherwise, the page number will use the same font settings as defined for the TOC item.


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