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Image Tool User Interface

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The functionality described in this topic is available in HelpSmith Professional (or higher) edition only.


You can access the Image Tool when inserting a new screenshot into a topic, when editing annotations for an existing image in a topic, or when modifying an image file in the media repository. This topic describes the user interface of the Image Tool available in HelpSmith.


Add Annotation

Allows you to select the annotation object that you want to add to the image. For example, you can add a control annotation, hotspot, balloon, text, arrow, shape, etc.



If necessary, you can save the image to an external file.


Capture by Mouse

Allows you to take a screenshot by capturing a window or individual UI elements of a window.


Capture by Timer

Allows you take a screenshot or the active window or the entire screen after a specified time delay.


Capture Controls

Specifies if the screenshot tool should recognize UI elements (such as buttons, input boxes, etc.) and create control annotations for them. For more details on this option, you can visit this topic.


Capture Cursor

Specifies if the screenshot tool should capture the mouse cursor.



Allows you to reverse or restore the last editing actions, such as adding an annotation, moving or resizing an object, or editing properties of an object.


Cut, Copy, Paste

Allows you to cut or copy the selected objects to the Clipboard, and to paste objects to the image from the Clipboard. Also, you can copy an object and then paste its style and/or shadow settings to other objects.


Duplicate, edit, delete, and clear annotations

Allows you to perform operations with the selected annotation objects: creating a duplicate, deleting, and property editing.


Crop to Selection

Allows you to remove unwanted parts of the image by reducing the image to the content located within the selection rectangle.


Renumber Selected Objects

Allows you to renumber the selected objects starting from a specific value.


Replace Image

Allows you to update the image (for example, a screenshot) without modifying the annotations by using one of the methods such as inserting the image from the Clipboard, importing an image from file, capturing a screenshot by mouse, or capturing a screenshot by timer.



Allows you to reposition the control annotations according to the positions of the control elements.


Auto position and size buttons

Allows you to position and size the selected objects relatively to another selected object.


Image Properties

Allows you to customize the appearance of annotations on the image, and also the annotation tables exported to the topic.


Create or update control annotations in the document

If selected, the Image Tool will export the control annotations (or update existing control annotations) to the topic.


Export Options

Allows you to customize font, table borders, and other parameters related to exporting control annotations to the topic.


Change Image Size

Allows you to modify the image size without changing the size of annotation objects.



Allows you to scale the image for comfortable editing.



Applies the changes to the image and closes the Image Tool window.



Discards the changes to the image and closes the Image Tool window.



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