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Exporting Context Numbers

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HelpSmith allows you to export the topic Context and Id values of your help project to a header file that you can use in your application written in C#, VB.NET, VB, VBA, C++, or Delphi.


If you use clear names for topic Textual IDs, it will be easier for you to operate with the generated constants instead of the topic numbers in HTMLHelp API calls in your own code.


Create a Header File

1.On the Project tab, in the Tools group, click the drop-down menu of the Context Tool button.

2.In the drop-down menu, click Export Context Numbers.

3.In the dialog, navigate to the destination folder where you want to save the header file.

4.In the Save as type box, select the format of the header file that you want.

5.In the File name box, enter a name of the header file.

6.Click Save.


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