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Syntax Highlighting Settings

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The Syntax Highlighter tool allows you to customize style schemes used for the supported programming languages, which means that you can specify the style of the elements in a specific programming language, such as reserved words, variables, comments, and so on.


Thus, you can specify the formatting attributes including font color, background color, and text decoration settings, such as bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough.


Edit Syntax Highlighting Settings

1.On the Write tab, in the Program Code group, click on the bottom part of the Syntax Highlighter button (with the arrow icon).

2.In the popup menu, click Customize.


Available Languages

The list of supported syntax highlighting schemes for different languages and file formats. Use the checkboxes in the list to show or hide a specific language in the popup menu that appears when clicking on the bottom part of the Syntax Highlight button on the Write tab in the Ribbon.



Displays the elements available for the selected programming language, such as reserved word, variable, comment, text, etc. By editing formatting settings of an element, you can specify how to format the appropriate elements found in program code.


Font Color

Specifies the font color of the selected element.


Background Color

Specifies the background color of the selected element.


Text Decoration Attributes

Specifies the text decoration attributes, such as Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough that should be applied to the selected element.


Reset defaults

Resets formatting settings of the selected element to the default state.



Applies the modified Syntax Highlighting Settings and closes the window.



Discards the changes and closes the settings window.



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