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Image Properties

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Edit Image Object Properties

1.In the word processor, double-click the image object.

2.In the Image Properties dialog, change the parameters you want.

3.Click OK.


The Image Properties dialog contains the following parameters.


Image Tab

Preview Box
Displays a preview of the image.

Allows you to change the image width and height values, or reset the size to the default values. Also, displays the initial size values.

Displays the location of the image in the Media Repository. The Change button allows you to link the image to a different media.


Edit Image

Allows you to add and edit annotations, and modify the image with the Image Tool.


Movie Tab

This tab contains properties of a video clip and is not available for a picture.


Start Automatically

When checked, the video will start automatically when the user opens the help topic.

Note: For Flash animations this option cannot be disabled.


Loop Playback

If selected, the video clip will run continuously.

Note: This option is supported for the AVI, WMV, MPG formats and works in Internet Explorer only.


Show Controls

Allows you to show/hide the controls of the video player.

Note: This option is not supported for Flash animations. For the AVI, WMV, MPG video formats, the controls can be hidden in Internet Explorer only.


Flash|Required Version

Defines the minimal version of the Flash player required to play the clip. Browser programs will suggest the user to download and install the necessary version.


Flash|Background Color

For Flash animations you can specify a color that will be used as background.


Alignment Tab


Allows you to align the image in line with text, or to apply a floating mode, so the image will be located on the left or right side of the text. Also you can specify a Vertical Alignment mode that determines how the image should be positioned in a paragraph line.


Remark: The Alignment option is not supported in the MS Word output format.


Scale to Full Page Width on Mobile

Specifies if the image should be scaled to the full page in the Web Help system when it is viewed on a mobile device. This option is useful for large images and screenshots to provide comfortable viewing on a smartphone or tablet.


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