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Web Help: Contents Options

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1.On the Project tab, in the Project group, click Project Options.

2.In the Project Options dialog, in the left sidebar, under Web Help, click Contents.

3.Change the parameters that you need.

4.Click OK.


Below is a description of the parameters in this section.


Look & Behavior

Allows you to modify the style and behavior of the Table of Contents in the Web Help system.


Here you can select the style of plus/minus buttons, enable word-wrap mode for long titles in the Table of Contents, and customize other TOC-related settings.



Allows you to define custom icons for the Table of Contents items in the Web Help system.


Note: If the "Expanded Chapter" icon is not defined, the heading-items in the expanded state will use the icon selected for the collapsed chapter.


The Icon size box specifies the preferred size of custom icons that you can use (for example, 16x16 or 20x20 pixels icons).

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